Oxford Dictionaries on Library 2.0

This is to quickly draw your attention to a recent post on the Oxford Dictionaries blog entitled Library 2.0: the changing face of libraries.

The things it talks about are bread and butter to libraryfolks: the evolving roles of libraries and librarians, changing job titles, librarians being tech-savvy, the rise of “information studies” as a discipline, and so on and so forth.  What made it stand out for me was that it was a bit of an unexpected topic on a dictionary-related blog that normally has (excellent) posts about more wordy things.  Alright, now I come to think about it, some of the other topics are just as tenuously linked to dictionaries as libraries are.  Anyone for animal noises, clouds, pi, poems about lexicographers, or Game of Thrones?

In conclusion, this is a nice piece of random library advocacy, and the blog is well worth following.

Open dictionary

Picture by greeblie on http://www.flickr.com

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